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Pag is known for its gastronomy, especially cheese, lamb and salt. The particularity of the Pag cheese is its hardness and salinity, and specific aroma and flavor that give the essential oils of aromatic plants. Sheep are raised in mountainous areas that are exposed to frequent strong winds due to salt. It is this salt, sage and immortelle make cheese, recognizable flavor. Cheese can be purchased during the winter and early spring months. Young cheese is much softer and lighter than the mature cheese. Mature (old) can grate cheese and use as a food additive.


Besides cheese, you can try our Pag lamb whit specific flavor. Difference of Pag and other meat lambs occurs due to separation of young lambs from their mothers. While elsewhere the lamb is separated when it reaches a 30 pound at Pag it is done much earlier due to the exploitation of sheep milk in the production of the famous cheese. Because of such breeding and dietary habits, lamb meat has a specific taste, and world gastronomes consider it to be unforgettable delicacy of Pag table.


Island offers a variety of restaurants and gastronomy pleasures, come and experience our great wine, cheese and atmosphere!

Nature, sightseeing and sports

With the warmth of Pag sun, crystal clear sea and miles of sandy beaches, Town of Pag offers many ways to fill your free time. At first glance the Island of Pag is a rough and stone made, edged with sky-blue sea and placed under the wing of the mighty Velebit Mountain. If you like your vacation active, try windsurfing or one of the 14 bike and trail routes and experience beautiful panorama of our island. Bicycle paths will satisfy even the most adventurous, passing by numerous vineyards, olive trees and stone walls. For those eager to climb there are several climbing routes on the highest peak of Pag “Saint Vitus.” Pag is also a known windsurfing destination on our coast.  


Filled with ancient monuments, Pag old city stone walls hide away the richness that hardworking hands of islanders were creating for centuries, always struggling much more than others. So it is worth a visit to discover its many faces and enjoy them. City of Pag was built in 15th century and offers a taste of the old world: see our UNESCO protected salt factory, Duke’s Palace, Benedictine Monetary or our old Churces. Come and see our cultural heritage, how famous Pag lace is made or how Benedictine nouns make Pag oldest sweets: Baškotini.


Summer parties are the ultimate way to experience the Pag summer. Have fun, explore, party, and relax. You can party all day and all night, every day! If you are looking for something different… something that will stay with you for the rest of your life, summer on Zrce beach will be unforgettable.


Zrce Beach is officially one of the top party destinations in the world with 3 clubs (Aquarius, Noa & Papaya) among top 50 world's best clubs!







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